Anonymous asked The Pioneer Research Program , 12/29/2020 ( 1 comment )

How selective is the admissions process? For example, what percentage of students who apply get in? In addition to this, do sophomores who apply have to have taken the SAT/ACT.

The Pioneer Research Program replied:

Thank you for your question! In the past three years, we have received 6559 applications for 2152 places in the program. We use a holistic application process, including essays, teacher recommendation, school transcript report, an interview, and other materials so we can gain a broad prospective of the student and their interests, abilities, and goals. While academic background is important, we also look for students who can clearly demonstrate their passion for the research areas they are applying to. The majority of our students are in 11th grade but we do have 10th graders each year. Standardized test scores are not required for any student regardless of grade in school. For more information, please see: You are also welcome to email us at