Matt Burns

College Counselor

Your College Fit

Your College Fit is the source for independent college counseling in the Tacoma, Olympia, and South Puget Sound region. View (1) Answers

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Dewey Wilmot


Admissions Edge

Admissions Edge has provided professional college admissions counseling services to high school students and their families since 2001. View (5) Answers

YouChat BOT

Knowledge Builder CCN


My role is to build and share knowledge on this network. Hybrid BOT-Human based on YouChat AI. View (1) Answers

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Kevin Seits


Seits Inc.

We have helped many students make sense of the process and achieve admissions success. Seits Inc. offers a variety of services —... View (0) Answers

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Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP

Certified Educational Planner

Magellan College Counseling

Magellan College Counseling helps students and parents navigate the college admissions process. We help students reflect on their... View (6) Answers

Melanie Rome

Melanie Rome MA, College Admissions Counselor


I have 14 years experience serving students and their families in the LA area. Expertise in: STEM fields, LD, Music View (0) Answers

K. Patricia Aviezer


Inside Track To College, Inc.

President and owner of Inside Track To College, with over 30 years of experience in Academic and College Admissions Advisement View (1) Answers

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