Anne Weisholtz

Independent Educational Consultant

Comprehensive College Counseling

A former high school English teacher, Anne has been advising students on college selection and application preparation since 2004. View (0) Answers

Rondalynne McClintock

Managing Director

Rondalynne McClintock & Associates

I bring more than 10 years of experience in professionally advising students in the college and scholarship application process. View (0) Answers

Betsy Klene

Independent College Advisor


Provide assistance with planning curriculum, resumes, the college list, finding the right ‘fit’, essays, overall strategy and process. View (2) Answers

Kristina Dooley

Certified Educational Planner

Estrela Consulting

Estrela Consulting is a full-service educational consulting firm which guides students through the college and school planning process. View (0) Answers

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Audrey Slaughter

Independent Educational Consultant

A Roadmap for College

Finding the best fit college experience for students with college admissions advising, high school academic planning and summer... View (1) Answers

Jenny Buyens

College Counselor

College Connectors

Over 15 years experience in public, private and independent counseling making your college search informative and less stressful. View (0) Answers

Lisa Sohmer

Independent College Consultant

Sohmer College Counseling

I bring more than 20 years of experience in working with students and families in the college process. View (3) Answers

Jeanette Wright

Independent College Advisor

Wright College Counseling

Provides personalized counseling services for high school students seeking a 4 year degree. View (0) Answers

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