Anonymous asked The Pioneer Research Program , 9/19/2019 ( 1 comment )

Can you provide examples of research topics conducted by students in the Pioneer Research Program?

The Pioneer Research Program replied:

Sorry for the late reply. Sure!  Here are some examples from last year:


- Analyzing and Preventing Atypical Antipsychotic Induced Tardive Dyskinesia by Creating Medication with Minimum Damage

- Attachment, Satisfaction, and Relationship Visibility on Social Networking Sites

Computer Science

- Comparing and Combining Mesh Cache Systems on Basis of Five Performance Criteria

- Automatic Image Categorization in Cataloging Animals by Using Convolutional Neural Network


- The role information processing channels play in learning the optimal grip of objects with different weight and texture

- A Comparison of Brain Networks Activated During Spontaneous and Externally-Caused (Drug- Induced) Auditory Verbal Hallucinations

International Relations

- The Implications of Brexit on Airbus and HSBC

- Political Risk Analsys of Jordan


- How do the Traditional Values Influence the Early Marriage Rate of Displaced Population?


- Zeckendorf’s Theorem for Narayana’s Sequence


- Do Government Owned Banks in India meet Capital Adequacy Requirements in Accordance with Basel 3 Norms?

- Integrating Market- Dominant Minorities in Post-Colonial Societies

- From Racial Discrimination to Multiculturalism: To What Extent has Immigration Policy Helped Australia to Break the Record for the Longest Economic Expansion in OECD History?


- The Role of Entrepreneurship in Facilitating Business Development in Cultural and Creative Industries in Norway


- How Patrons Reconcile Capitalism and Christian Beliefs through Skyscrapers: Cathedrals of Commerce 

- Sustainable Architecture in the Middle East: The Gulf Tower Project

Environmental Studies

- This Land is Their Land: How Indigenous Peoples Are Crucial to Modern Species Conservation

- Small-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plants for Urban and Rural China


- Stakeholder Analysis: An Explanation of the Botswana Paradox


- Using Bacteria Found in Local Riverside to Degrade Local PET Values

- Sodium Thiosulfate’s Effect on Setcreasea Purpurea Boom’s Adsorption of Heavy Metals


- Blazar Jets Kinematics and Related Topics