The College Consultant Network (CCN) is the first knowledge-sharing platform and social media network dedicated exclusively to independent education consultants whose primary activities include helping high school students and their families select a college, school or other program that is a “best fit” for the student. 

On the CCN, consultants can showcase their knowledge and expertise or interact directly with students and / or their families. The CNN also provides an interactive directory of helpful ancillary resources for students and / or consultants.  

The CCN is powered by Brainsy Inc. and was originally incubated in partnership with the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) but now operates collaboratively on a non-exclusive basis with any independent education association.  The long-term vision for the CCN is that it will be owned and operated by all members of the community that contribute to its growth and success. 
Students and their families and members of the general public can register on the CCN at

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