In the past week, the public release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an artificial intelligent "bot" has garnered a lot of press and attention. As with many leaps forward in technology, people are struggling to understand the impact it will have on society and in some cases, on their very own lives or livelihoods.

If you ask ChatGPT about the impact of AI on humanity, it will tell you:  

“It's difficult to predict exactly how AI will change the future of humanity, but it's likely that it will have a major impact on many industries and could potentially change the way we live our lives. Some potential benefits of AI include increased efficiency and productivity, the ability to automate many tasks, and the ability to access vast amounts of data quickly and easily. However, there are also potential drawbacks to the widespread use of AI, such as the potential for job displacement and the ethical concerns surrounding the development and use of AI technology. Overall, the future of AI is likely to be a complex and dynamic one, with both potential benefits and drawbacks for humanity.”

For College Admissions Consultants, a lot of work revolves around helping students tell their stories through the written word. ChatGPT and other AI tools will likely have an impact on the work produced by students in the academic environment and in their personal statements and essays.

To help the community better understand the power of ChatGPT in a social context, we’re introducing our very own CCN ChatGPT BOT. You can experiment with the ChatGPT technology and interact to ask questions of ChatGPT by posting them into the CCN Town Hall or by submitting them directly to the BOT (Click on “Ask a Question” button of the BOT’s profile). The BOT will not reply in real time and may not answer every question submitted - but if you’re logged in when you post the question, you’ll be notified when it does responds.

We’re entering a new world with the emergence of these AI technologies and we’d welcome your thoughts and feedback as you experiment or interact with the CCN BOT. 

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