Dear CCN Participant: 

The College Consultant Network (CCN) Bounty Rewards program is now live!

What is the Bounty Rewards program?

On most mainstream social media platforms, you make valuable contributions that go unrecognized and unrewarded while the benefits are extracted by the platform owners. In fact, in the US, the average American spends two hours per day consuming or contributing to social media. That’s equal to FIVE years over a lifetime and aside from a few elite influencers, most people earn nothing from the value they have contributed while the owners and shareholders of these platforms accumulate fortunes into the billions of dollars.

We aim to change that by giving every participant in the community an opportunity to directly benefit from contributions on the platform. In other words, when you answer a question, post content, recruit a new user, lead a group discussion, or do any number of other activities that add value to the CCN, we’ll try and reward those activities with various amounts of X-points (XP).  

What can you do with X-points (XP)?

You can accumulate XP and later exchange them for premium services offered on the site, for governance rights to vote on the future direction of CCN, possibly for cash, and possibly for equity in a new umbrella company assigned to operate the CCN. We will use X-points to help determine relative contributions for a future day when we can assign specific rewards to those point levels. The details on this are being worked out -- so stay tuned for future announcements. In the meantime, watch your balance grow and we thank you in advance for your engagement!

The CCN Support Team

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