Somehow this notion of attending your dream school became synonymous with the perfect place to receive a degree. This idea of getting into a college or university of notoriety would, by default, propel students into stardom, ultimate success, or even riches. How utterly absurd.

But what if the "dream school" had nothing to do with notoriety, fame or fortune. But instead, the college was a good fit because it met the student's needs, bringing happiness and a prosperous environment. 

This is the true and honest nature of healthy college selection. A student who pursues their future by identifying meaningful characteristics of a college, recognizing personal strengths and challenges, and strives for excellence has actually constructed a foundation for building a solid list of colleges.

This idea of matching colleges to students based on specific criteria unique to the student is something many IECs (Independent Educational Consultant) have been doing for decades. The journey is and always has been about good fit, not a dream.

“Best” looks different for every student. This is what makes “best-fit” so amazingly unique. Just like there are thousands of shoes from which to choose and there are those that fit best, so also can be said for colleges.

“Best-fit” means the college meets the needs of a student, provides opportunities for them to thrive and grow as an individual, and allows them to be themselves while preparing for their future.

So, as you begin (or continue) this journey to college, be certain to consider your options. Would a larger university or a smaller liberal arts college suite your needs better? Have you considered a campus more or less diverse than your high school? Would you ever consider a single-gendered campus? Do you already know your program of study? These are only a few of the many questions IECs ask of their students as they work together in building a solid list of “best-fit” colleges.

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