Why hire an educational consultant when a high school student has a counselor at school?

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There are a few reasons why a high school student might consider hiring an educational consultant in addition to working with a school counselor. First, an educational consultant can provide more personalized and specialized advice, as they are often experts in the college admissions process and have extensive experience working with students on their applications. Additionally, an educational consultant can offer additional support and guidance throughout the college search and application process, which can be especially helpful for students who are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about their next steps. Finally, an educational consultant can provide an outside perspective and additional resources and connections that may not be available through a school counselor. Overall, hiring an educational consultant can be a valuable investment for a high school student who is looking for extra support and guidance as they navigate the college admissions process.

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Counselors at schools normally have more of an academic focus while consultants offer services that are similar to academic advisors but are normally self-employed or employed by larger organizations.