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What is a better test to take for college admissions, the SAT or ACT?

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Jennifer Severini-Kresock
Jennifer Severini-Kresock  replied:
Thank you for your question.  Colleges across the United States accept either the SAT or the ACT equally.  There is not a preference from colleges.  I would suggest that a student review the differences between both tests, make a choice to take either one or the other.  I strongly advise students to do daily preparation before taking either the SAT or the ACT.  There are many ways to prepare for the tests--prep courses, private tutoring, free apps, online practice, etc. After the student receives his/her scores,he or she should see if the score is high enough for admission to the college(s) he or she is considering), I would then recommend that he/she repeat that test a second time with more daily preparation to earn a higher score/possiby merit scholarships....  On the other hand, if the student does not score well on the test he or she chose to take first, he or she should try the other test with daily preparation,also.  If a student does not score well on either test, the student may wish to consider colleges that are test optional.