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What are the art requirements for out of state UC college applicants?

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Dewey Wilmot
Dewey Wilmot  replied:

Hi John, All UC applicants are required to complete one full year of art in the same subject area. This could be, for example, Photo 1 (one semester) and Photo 2 (another semester - not necessarily the next semester.) Or it could be one full-year of Photo 1. Any visual or performing art (including dance, music, theatre) counts for the requirement. Many out-of-state students have only one semester of two different arts. In this case, the application may show a definciency prior to submitting, BUT the app can still be submitted and then the flagged application will usually be approved for admissions review by an admissions counselor - who knows that out-of-state students often cannot meet this requirement. A similar scenario exists for out-of-state students who do not have even one-year of art. Either way, the additional information section in the UC application can be used to explain the student's situation. Bottomline: A deficiency in the art requirement for an out-of-state student will generally not impact their eligibility for admissions.