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We had to cancel a spring break college visit on the west coast because of corona virus. If my daughter get accepted, we don't have time to visit before she must make a decision. Is there a good way to delay the decision?

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Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP
Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP  replied:

Hi there!  Great question.  Some colleges have already decided to push the enrollment deadline (which had traditionally been May 1) to a later date, and many are now considering that change.  Colleges share your concern about forcing you and your child to make a decision without ever visiting campus.

I've seen some colleges push back that May 1 date to June 1, and I've seen others considering dates even later into the summer.  I would anticipate that you'll see widespread announcements coming.  At this point, because we are where we are in the timing cycle (decisions still coming over the next 2 weeks), your child may receive this information with his/her admission decision.

I would also start to use college online virtual tours to learn more about the campuses to which your child has been admitted.  Many colleges have them!  You can also research colleges' YouTube accounts, to see videos of the students who attend, the physical grounds, etc.  And finally, our team has visited hundreds of colleges, and we've posted writeups and photo galleries of our visits.  California colleges here; colleges outside California here.  We'd love for you to use our website as one of your resources!

Hope this info helps!

Best of luck.


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