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SAT or ACT a better test for college?

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Larry Blumenstyk
Larry Blumenstyk  replied:

If the inquiry here is whether one of these tests is preferred by colleges, the answer is no. Colleges find these tests to be equally valuable in assessing the readiness of candidates. 

Most students find the two tests to be roughly equivalent in assessing their abilities. However, some students do significantly better on one than on the other. If that issue of your own perfomance was part of the question posed, the answer for you might require some experimentation with both tests to arrive at a reliable answer. 

I wish you well as you explore the college application process. 

Patti Schabinger, M.Ed.
Patti Schabinger, M.Ed.  replied:

Colleges accept either the ACT or SAT.  Students should take a sample practice test for the SAT and ACT to determine which test works best for them as far as timing, difficulty, skills, and comfort level.  Then it is best to focus on one test to become familiar with that format and timing needed per subtest.  There are other considerations, and a test prep expert can guide you to select the right test for an individual. I help students through this process using ten factors needed for success on standardized tests. I integrate mindfulness and executive skills with test prep for best results.