Is the application process for graduate school drastically different than the process for undergraduate schools? Do you assist applicants to graduate school?

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Michelle Humbach
Apr 6,
Michelle Humbach  replied:

I believe it is. That said, I only work with students seeking undergraduate work 

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Sheree Gravely
Apr 7,
Sheree Gravely  replied:

It’s  different but the differences  depend on which graduate program a student is looking at. So, for example, medical school, and some other healthcare related graduate programs are more unique and work on different cycles. Business and law school are not as different from UG but also have different cycles though the  process is more similar to UG applications.  Other graduate programs are different as well but again, not as much difference.

Eric Endlich
Apr 7,
Eric Endlich  replied:

A few key differences come to mind.

1. While students applying to college frequently don't know what they want to study, students applying to grad school have chosen a specific field, so the program search tends to be much more focused.

2. The main essay or personal statement for undergraduate study has a great deal of flexibility and can be written on a huge variety of topics. The statement of purpose for grad school has a fairly specific format and focus, addressing the question of a student's interest in and qualifications for a particular program.

3. Data on undergraduate admissions (e.g., acceptance rates, average GPAs and test scores) are often readily available. This information can be much harder to come by with graduate admissions.