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In my college resume, should I include links to any video clips?

Will the college admissions officers click on links on my resume?    

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Mark Cruver
Mark Cruver  replied:

There was a period of time in recent years where the notion of developing an actual resume for college was considered overkill.  In response, many students were detailing their involvement and achievements through a more simplified "brag-sheet" of sorts.  But, like everything great in the 70's and 80's, the resume is coming back!

With over 9 million hits on the term "college resume" when searching Google, it is apparent something is happening in customizing and detailing your 1-2 page personal profile sheet.

The college resume is uniquely you!  From the name in the header to the final entry, it is many parts of your life that demonstrate the whole of you in experience and accomplishment.  It's key and critical in assisting in telling your story and maximizing opportunities to do so is equally critical.

As little as ten years ago, resumes, moreso for the workplace, were pretty standard.  Very little graphics, if any at all, with organized lines of information delivered in a typically one-page fashion so as not to bore the viewer, offering you better success in being recognized and considered.  But with today's technology and need for visual spice, the resume is taking a turn.  It's need for being catchy is almost a requirement, but having it strike a pleasant balance between catchy and professional is one with which many students wrestle.

As a minimum, many new resumes include a single photo to allow the reader to connect -- put a face with a name so-to-speak.  Further, in the world of creating PDF documents, the resume can now hold LIVE links allowing the reader to go places now, beyond the scope of the one-page presentation and discover more flavor about your life, your world, your passion.  My only word of caution here is to make sure if you are linking to videos, to make certain they are short and to the point.

Remember, the resume is all about YOU -- not organizations, foundations or programs -- so be sure if the reader clicks a link, they are learning more about what makes you uniquely YOU!