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If my SAT score was just barely above the cutoff range for a college, do I have much of a chance to get in?

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Ellen Gaddie
Ellen Gaddie  replied:

Hello Anonymous, 

Because I don't have any details on what the rest of your academic profile looks like I can't answer this. Generally speaking there are some large public universitites (California State University for example) that use just GPA and test scores to determine admittance. They do not require an academic/activities/honors resume or an essay where you can shine a light on  yourself.

Your best bet is to research the school of interest and read through their admissions pages to learn about the numbers of the previous class of freshmen admitted and see how you stack up. It is only a rough gauge and for a majority of institutions they are looking at the whole student and trying to build a well-rounded school population. 

If you would like to talk further please schedule a time on this website. 

Thank you for reaching out to me. 


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