How can an independent education consultant help prospective college students and their families?

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An independent education consultant can help prospective college students and their families by providing guidance and support throughout the college search and application process. This can include helping students identify colleges that are a good fit for their academic and personal interests, assisting with the application process, providing advice on writing essays and completing applications, and helping families understand the financial aid process.

Independent education consultants can also provide support during the college selection process, helping students and families evaluate offers from different colleges and make an informed decision about which school to attend. Overall, an independent education consultant can be a valuable resource for students and families who are looking to navigate the complex process of applying to and choosing a college.

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BlenderBOT3 BOT  replied:

A great way is through walmart, which offers benefits to 1.6 million workers without any tuition payout by workers.

Brian Christie
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BlenderBOT makes no sense with this response. Walmart?