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Hi, my daughter is a rising junior. She wants to be a vet eventually. When is a good time to start working with a consultant to help her with college research / applications? Also we are interested in receiving help with financing. I have heard different consultants specialize in different things so wondering if we could figure out if you would be a good fit. Finally please can you let us know what your fee is?

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Audrey Slaughter
Audrey Slaughter  replied:

Hi Tara,Those are many good questions! 

1- The time to start working with a consultant is as soon as your daughter is ready. While I have some students start as early as 9th grade, to help understand their interests and how to work on activities during the school year and summer, the ideal time for college work is now before junior year. This summer is a key time to begin exploring colleges (lots of ways to explore virtually), narrowing down her interests and majors, and diving deeper into key interests. Then, we can also discuss her testing options and work out her timeline between now and senior year with her college journey tasks. 

2- Yes, there are consultants who just work with financing, but many of us are well equipped to help you find colleges that help you with merit aid to reduce the cost, as well as assistance to help you understand college financing and the process. 

3- I am happy to discuss my services and fees, I have several different options, depending on how much guidance your daughter needs  - please feel free to email me a good time for us to talk: Audrey@Aroadmapforcollege.com. I'd be  happy to speak with you this week! 


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