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Hi, I wanted to check with you if I have any options to explore for my son who wasn’t able to do his sophomore and now recovering from wilderness therapy?we are in San Jose California and wanted to check if there are any private schools which will accept him. Any help would be greatly appreciated .

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Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP
Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP  replied:

Hi there - thanks for your message.  

I can help but I'm probably not the best person to help.  I would get in touch with someone who specializes in placing students after a break in their education.  I'm assuming you mean he didn't complete his sophomore year in high school, not college - correct?

You can e-mail me directly at evelyn@magellancounseling.com.

I would actually recommend, though, that you get in touch with Loren Grossman.  You can reach her at lrg@ix.netcom.com.

Best of luck!


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