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Hello, Cathy. I'm looking for a consultant who can help my daughter & I learn all about financial aid, scholarships, and how to find out about whatever other financial resources there may be for grants etc. for a 20 year old Ballet dancer who has been dancing with the Cleveland Ballet Company. And, are you at all familiar with the University system in London? Thanks so much, Karen

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Cathy McMeekan
Cathy McMeekan  replied:


Thanks for contacting me. The number one source of college funding is from the colleges themselves, so doing a targeted college search based on your daughter's needs (including financial aid) would be the best place to start. Is your daughter intending to dance in college as an activity or pursue a dance major? That could be an additional source of funding at college as well, if she were to pursue dance in some form. Did she graduate from high school, get a GED or attend any college while dancing for the Cleveland Ballet?

I do work with families where financial need is a driving factor in the college search and have also worked with students applying to schools in the UK through the UCAS system. I would be happy to chat with you to discuss your situation and see if I can assist, or provide you with names of other consultants as needed.

Cathy McMeekan