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Hello. Can you recommend one or several resources (book and/or website) for a California student finishing up her second year of community college this spring who wishes to transfer to a 4-year college or university? (Her ACT and SAT scores are low but she has a 3.4 GPA)

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Dewey Wilmot
Dewey Wilmot  replied:

There is an excellent site for planning transferring to the UC and CSU systems. The deadlines for Fall 2019 are mostly past for both UC and CSU for transfers, however.

www.assist.org Shows transferable coursework from CA CC students to the CSU or UC campuses. Also shows recommended and/or required coursework for transferring to specific majors.

For transfering to private schools or out-of-state (non-CA) public schools, there is not a similar go-to recommendation for sites, so the best place to look is always the college's transfer admissions website.

Transfer students sometimes need to submit test scores, sometimes not. The UC and CSUs do not consider test scores for transfer admission.


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